Why are poker, slots and roulette such popular online gambling games?​


It is probably common knowledge for anyone who spends much time playing online gambling games that poker, slots and roulette are three of the top three games.


After all, millions of people play them, and millions more join online casinos so they can play them every month.


The slots -- The slots have been popular games in offline casinos for decades. Once they were brought online, and they looked and sounded just the same as their offline counterparts, it is no wonder so many gamblers loved to play them.


In recent years, hundreds of different themed games have been added to the slots area of most online casinos, and larger jackpots are now being offered. This has brought even more people online to play them.


Poker -- Serious poker players nowadays play less offline and much more frequently online. This is due to the huge number of online games available, the fact that more hands can be played online in the same amount of time you would play offline and because larger pots tend to occur.


Another big reason for the popularity of poker online, however, is the advent of online poker tournaments. These tournaments pay out large cash prizes, as they attract some of the world's best poker players. This in turn attracts even more people to play them.


Roulette -- Roulette is one of the top three online gambling games at the moment as anyone can play it.


No special skills are necessary, it takes seconds to learn how to play and yet payouts can be large if you win. Winning is also simple, especially if you bet on either red or black coming up when the ball stops rolling, For more selection of games you may explore on situs judi slot online.